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Reroll is a mod designed to completely reroll or reset a player. It will remove their inventory, achievements, etc. and teleport them far away to simulate a completely new world. This is great for hardcore style modpacks that don't want to create new worlds for every reset. It works in single player and on servers.


Reroll is highly configurable giving you many options for how you want to play. These options are mostly for modpack makers to tune the Rerolling mechanic to their world.


  • Configurable Distance: Default reroll puts you 1 region away (or 512 blocks). Set this to anything you want (minimum 256 blocks). The world is infinite, so you could go really far out and discover something.
  • Unique Reroll: Every reroll will put you in a completely unique part of the world in a spiral pattern around the original origin. No need to worry about rerolling to the same place and needing to reroll again.
  • Reroll Command: Reroll yourself, another player, or all players. Don't want to be rerolled? Use lock yourself so a trolly admin can't reroll you. Well, I suppose they could just use the reroll unlock command, but you have a chance! Learn more about the command below.
  • Reroll Dice: Use the dice item to reroll yourself. Configure the dice to be required or optional for reroll. The dice have a configurable cooldown timer too!
  • Initial Inventory: Set an inventory that should be given to a player when they reroll or even when they first join a world.
  • Reroll On Death [Hardcore Mode]: You can make it so that when you die, you get rerolled to a new place and have to start over.
  • Grave(?): Set your current inventory in a set of chests where you died so that you can find it again later.
  • Reroll All Together: Playing on a server and want your friends to reroll to the same location? You can do that (or send everyone to a unique place).
  • Dimensional Control: Force players to respawn in the dimension they rerolled in, or in another dimension of your choosing!
  • Start Locked: For safety, make it so that you have to `/reroll unlock` to use Reroll from the start. Prevent accidentally rerolling when you had a good spot! Lock is bypassed for other features like reroll on death.
  • Ender Chest: Want to keep your ender chest items just in case? You can do that, or set it to be reset too.
  • Mod Integration: Per MC version mod integration to make sure things reset. Have a mod you want integrated? Make a GitHub issue. We won't add more integration for 1.12.2.


Command Usage


/reroll [lock|unlock|player|all] <playername>


  • /reroll: Reroll yourself.
  • /reroll lock <player>: Lock Reroll for yourself or a player.
  • /reroll unlock <player>: Unlock Reroll for yourself or a player.
  • /reroll player <player>: Reroll another player (or yourself by name).
  • /reroll all: Reroll all online players.


Road Map


Reroll will not port to Fabric. Feel free to open a PR if you want to help port it yourself. However, Reroll will be porting to Minecraft Forge versions 1.16.5 and 1.18.2.


Feel free to include it in your modpack!