This is a port of Rereskillable by notmajik which itself was heavily inspired by Reskillable and Skillable.


This mod adds 8 skills that you can spend xp to level up. Levelling up unlocks different things depending on the config.


Skill Locks


A new lock can be added by adding a string to the skillLocks list:

"mod:id skill:level"


For example:

"minecraft:ender_pearl magic:5",

"minecraft:bow attack:3 agility:2",

"minecraft:horse agility:10"


The skillLocks list allows you to lock 

  • Items (using, wearing, curios)
  • Blocks (breaking, placing)
  • Entities (mounting)


Note: skill lock config changes are only noticed when you restart the game.


Additional Skill Lock Types


  • The attackSkillLocks list is in the same format but specifies entities that may not be attacked until the specified requirements are met.  
  • The craftSkillLocks list is in the same format but specifies items that may not be crafted until the specified requirements are met




To set a skill level:

/skills set [player] [skill] [level]

To get a skill level:

/skills get [player] [skill]


Other Configuration


  • Disabling sheep wool drops
  • Changing the starting upgrade cost in XP levels
  • Changing the upgrade cost increase in XP levels