[ARCHIVED] Rempler's SkyBlock


Abandoned mod, please use other mods like Topography or Skyblock Builder


Just a simple Skyblock with some commands.


With Version 1.2, be sure to install Shutup Experimental Settings to remove the annoying experimental settings screen: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/shutup-experimental-settings


Also with this version, you can create a server by just adding "level-type=skyblock:skyblock-type" to the server.properties. It should automatically generate you the right map. Players can use "/island island @p", "/is island @p" or "/skyblock island @p" to create their own island. Teaming is not available atm due to not enough time.


Code from Botania and VoidIslandControl.

(Not everything is included from VoidIslandControl)


If you want to (and can) add some new features, then you can create a PR on github.


Current bugs:

- no known one's (22/12/2020)


No voided End atm because of Dragonfight and Endcity not create with datapack


I appreciate any PRs that can fix all known bugs.