Ex Nihilo: Sequentia - Tinkers Addon

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This is an addon for Ex Nihilo: Sequentia that adds support for Tinkers' Construct.


Ex Nihilo is a Latin phrase meaning "out of nothing". Ex Nihilo: Sequentia is the next installment of the long-lasting Ex Nihilo mod series. With it, you can create resources and mobs out of nothing! Well, sort of...you need a tree to start.


Using barrels, sieves, and a few other tools, you can produce all the resources you need. This mod is particularly useful for those skyblock experiences that we all know and love.

Ex Nihilo: Sequentia started out as a port of Ex Nihilo: Creatio for 1.12, which in turn was a fork of Ex Nihilo: Adscensio for 1.10, which was a continuation of Ex Nihilo for 1.7.10. Since its started, Ex Nihilo: Sequentia has grown into a familiar yet unique mod of its own.

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