Reforged - Cross & Grave

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This mod aims to add several versions of two magical items:

The Holy Cross and the Necromancer's Staff.


Currently, five items are ready for use and work as follows:


Holy Cross of Courage: Click an undead creature to "mark" it. Then step back, hold right mouse button and wait.

Holy Cross of Wrath: Just step back and hold right mouse button. It will find its targets automatically, but has shorter range.

Holy Cross of Purgation: Finds targets with higher range and hurts undead creatures around you.


Staff of Sacrifice: Hold right mouse button. The staff will drain your life, but holding it longer will spawn stronger creatures. (WIP, currently only spawns normal zombies and skeletons).

Staff of Reanimation: Throw an itemstack close to you. Hold the right mouse button. The staff will try to summon a creature from the itemstack.  Bigger stacks give better chances of success. (WIP, currently rotten flesh spawns norma zombies and bones spawn normal skeletons).


This will be a add-on/module of Reforged (but currently does not depend on Reforged being installed). I decided to release it on its own for now, since it does not fit into the theme of the other weapons completely. We'll see how it will be integrated into Reforged later.


Please refer to the forum thread for questions, complaints or suggestions. ;)



(If anyone wants to help: I'm currently having a hard time finding sounds that match these items. If you have anything (legally!) please drop me a message.)



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