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Refabricated Slabs (FABRIC)

Refabricated Slabs Mod

Slabs you have dreamed of

Short story long...

You take an oak slab and you slab it down onto the ground. Then you take a stone slab...
Take aim on top of the oak wood slab... And you slab it down, on top of the wooden one!
Mix and match the slabs how you want without limitations. Bricks with wood? Wood with
Andesite? Or Endstone with Prismarine? Whatever you want!
This mod gives builders new building options. There are no new crafting recipes, but there
is a new game mechanic, that allows you to place one type of slab on different slabs.
For example, a stone slab on top of a wood slab

Required mods to run:

More? Supported mods:

Sadly incompatible:

 Overwrites SlabBlock class causing issues.