Redstone Control

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This mod is a remake of my previous mod Automated Redstone that aims to make everything better with an new wire system and totally new design.
It comes as a new mod rather than an update because I realized that fully integrating all the features into the new system would change pretty much everything. So I wanted to leave the burden of outdated documentation, backwards compatibility and issues with people unsuspectingly updating to a new version, just to see their world wrecked,  behind.
This mod uses a different mod ID than Automated Redstone so could actually install both at the same time if you need certain features from A.R. that are not yet implemented here.


Showcase of the currently (first release) available features.



  • Transmitting Redstone Signals between sockets and devices with a point to point wire system similar to Immersive Engineering.
  • Signals are not limited to vanilla 0-15 range
  • Connections are no longer bound to the 6 block faces (so no overcomplicated side configuration anymore, yay!)
  • In-World interaction with ports and control elements instead of window based GUIs
  • Inter-dimensional wireless signal transmission.
  • Logic gates and Analog adding/subtraction gates
  • Wire anchors and signal name tags for more organized and aesthetic wiring.
  • Compact circuits that are programmed in a data flow oriented way using graphical block diagrams. The new system will get rid of the unintuitive sequential gate evaluation that Automated Redstone had and better performance use runtime compliation directly into Java Virtual Machine byte code instead of inefficient emulation.
  • Remote Comparator as well as Energy, Fluid and Item Sensors


  • Several Signal control and display devices like 7 Segment displayPower bars, Lamps, Oscilloscope GraphClock dial, Analog pointer display, Slider, Keypad, Buttons, etc. So basically everything you need for your mad scientist control room.
  • Revive the Valves from Automated Redstone

See the individual change logs of released files for added features.


  • Setup Minecraft with Forge.
  • Download this mod and the required version of CD4017BE_lib
  • put both .jar files into the mods folder of your Minecraft Forge installation

Notice: not all versions of CD4017BE_lib will work. The change log description will tell you which version is required (under section Dependencies). In case you also want to install some of my other mods and they require a different version then use the newer one.

It's highly recommended to have JEI installed.


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Bugs and Issues:

If you come across any bugs or problems with features in this mod please submit an Issue on GitHub that contains appropriate information for me to solve the problem. Please don't post crash reports or logs in the curse comments because those things easily get lost or overseen there.

Also involved feature requests are better done in the more organized environment of Issues on GitHub.

Distribution Permissions:

You are allowed to use this mod for any modpack or server you wish.
If you are providing a copy of this mod's files somewhere else that is public available (public modpacks for ex.), please mention the Author somewhere and provide a link to where you originally got the file(s) from (Actually this is often automatically handled by pack launchers like Twitch or Multi MC).


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