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This mod could be called the core mod of my mods. It's main purpose is to avoid unnecessary duplication of code and other content as well as to make interaction between my mods easier.

It contains:
  • Pretty much all my mod's APIs
  • Lots of templates for certain types of Blocks, Items and TileEntities
  • Lots of utilities for Item handling, Fluid handling, models, rendering, tooltips/translation, math and more.
  • My own GUI framework (Text-fields, Buttons, Sliders, Progress-bars, etc.)
  • Network packet handling
  • A system for scheduling update ticks to things that are not TileEntities or Entities.
  • A scripting language that's used for config files as well as powerful non-JSON models.
  • An extensive system that allows adding things like crafting recipes, ore generation and even primitive items (for use as crafting intermediate products) purely via config script. Pretty much the only added feature when this mod is installed alone.

Used by Mods:
Default installation for playing:

Just put the file into your mods folder together with the mods that require it.
If multiple mods require different versions of this library always use the newer version.

Mod developers are free to base their own mods on my Library if they want.

However if you plan to do so, I highly recommend to contact me in advance with what parts you're mostly interested in so I'm warned to not ruthlessly change and potentially break things and maybe even improve documentation if needed.


More info can be found at Github.


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