CD4017BE Library




This Minecraft mod that serves as java library / core mod for my other mods. It consists mostly of code that's used by other mods (including a microblock API) but also adds a few gameplay relevant features itself:

  • Creative Lab Item/Fluid/Energy Supply: Blocks that spawn (cheat) or consume resources and offer counting statistics. Very useful for testing stuff, only obtainable in creative mode.
  • Microblock Structure: The host block for my microblock API.
  • Block Bits: Miniature version of blocks to build with inside Microblock Structures. These have no special properties except for Redstone Block Bits emitting a redstone signal.
  • Microblock Workbench: Used to craft Block Bits and disassemble or replicate Microblock Structures.

Note: This is as of MC 1.16.5, features greatly vary between releases for different Minecraft versions as new features get added over time and no longer functioning / obsolete content got removed during porting.

Mods using it in MC 1.16.5:


Mods using older versions:

Server/Client installation:

Simply put the downloaded .jar file of the mod in your mods folder. Requires Forge Modloader to be installed in your Minecraft instance.

Mods depending on CD4017BE_lib may require specific versions.


Versioning system: CD4017BE_lib- MinecraftVersion - MinecraftPort . ApiVersion . FeatureVersion . BuildNumber

  • MinecraftVersion & MinecraftPort change when porting to new MC versions, usually many features added and removed, no compatibility.
  • ApiVersion increments if any API is modified in a non backwards compatible way.
  • FeatureVersion increments if features are added or modified in a fully backwards compatible way.
  • BuildNumber increments with each build, usually just bug fixes, fully interchangeable.

Mod developers are free to base their own mods on my Library if they want.

However if you plan to do so, I highly recommend to contact me in advance with what parts you're mostly interested in so I'm warned to not ruthlessly change and potentially break things and maybe even improve documentation if needed.


More info can be found at Github.