Inductive Logistics

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This mod brings some features of my earlier mod Inductive Automation to Minecraft 1.11 with some changes and some new features. Its recommended for use in modpacks.


  • Item & Fluid transport pipes where the contents are passed on from one pipe to the next along a predefined path similar to conveyor belts.
  • Pipe Filters with many functions. Except for the usual blacklist, NBT, oreDict, etc. there is also a stock-keeping function which is often very useful for distributing items over multiple inventories.
  • Universal Pipes for both Items and Fluids that will move them instantly to their destination without internal storage. In combination with Filters they can be very powerful.
  • Fluid Tanks in multiple sizes that allow filling or draining fluid containers inside and can be used as fluid containers them self when harvested. Also their fluid type can be locked so they won't accept other fluids even when empty.
  • Item Buffers in multiple sizes. What's very special about them is that you can adjust the amount of available slots in their inventory and even the stack limit to whatever you need. This also means that Items can be stacked higher than normal in there.
  • Auto Crafter that uses a side access pattern allowing higher recipe flexibility and prevents stocking unnecessary high quantities of in-between-products (there's also a handy portable version).
  • Portable device to remote access the inventory of a linked block, no matter where (and in which dimension) you are, as long as the block is loaded. Including filtered automatic transfer of items.
  • Simple but powerful pipe covering system: Any solid full cube block can be used (even glass) and the pipes will inherit properties like light emission, explosion resistance, being wither-proof, ...
  • High configurability: Almost everything from pipe extraction rates to tank sizes and even crafting recipes can be edited in the config file. So you can tune this mod optimally for the needs of your mod pack.
  • I also tried to make this mod as performance friendly as possible. If you plan building massive pipe networks with a lot of items constantly moving though, there is a (server side) config option to turn off visibility of moving items in pipes to prevent network lag.



  • Setup Minecraft with Forge.
  • Download this mod and the required version of CD4017BE_lib
  • put both .jar files into the mods folder of your Minecraft Forge installation

Notice: not all versions of CD4017BE_lib will work. The change log description will tell you which version is required (under section Dependencies). In case you also want to install some of my other mods and they require a different version then use the newer one.

It's highly recommended to have JEI installed.


Also check out my other mods for MC-1.11 & MC-1.12:


This mod is currently available for:

  • MC-1.11.2: full features & support
  • MC-1.12.2: full features & support

You can find the files here. The latest version is usually recommended unless marked as beta.

Permission for use:

You are allowed to use this mod for any Modpack, Server, Youtube Project, etc.
If you are providing a copy of the mod's binary data somewhere else that is public available (public modpacks for example), please mention the Author somewhere and provide a link from where you originally got the file(s).