Recipe Manipulator

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Recipe Manipulator


Recipe Manipulator is a very light weight mod (1 class file) that can be used to add or remove (Coming when forge allows for it) recipes from the vanilla crafting table.

It uses the forge/minecraft recipe json format introduced with minecraft 1.12. It does not require any extra dependencies other than Forge.

Adding recipes

The mod will work just fine with any valid minecraft or minecraft forge recipe. (Note the game will crash with invalid recipes, so read the log before reporting a bug!) The recipes must be identical on the client and the server to prevent mismatch.

When the mod first loads its creates a "recipes" folder in the run directory of minecraft. In here you can place your recipe json files, see an example bellow:

Basic example

Advanced examples:

Refined storage provides some great examples on how to use some of the more advanced features that forge provides, you can see Refined Storage's examples bellow: 

Refined Storage Examples

Some mods you have installed may also use this json format for adding recipes, so you can always look on github or in the mod jar for even more examples.

Removing recipes 

Removing recipes is quite basic, but it should cover most cases. The example bellow should provided enough information on how to do it.

Recipe Removal example

More info

Sub directory's can also be used to split the files up. (Note the __constants.json file is per directory)

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