Recipe Enhancements

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What is Recipe Enhancements?

Recipe Enhancements aims to make the Minecraft recipes better, without interfering with the vanilla feel of the new and original recipes. The way this is done currently is by adding recipes that I feel should've been there in the first place and changing some vanilla recipes to better ones. This makes some items more logical and immersive.



Crafting Recipes

Craft flint with 3 gravel.

Craft mushroom blocks with 4 mushrooms in a square formation.

Craft 4 mushrooms with a mushroom block.

Craft cobwebs with 9 string in a square formation.

Craft magma cream with a magma block.

Craft 4 string with any type of wool.

Craft a glass bottle with any type of glass block.

Craft 9 bone meal with a skeleton skull.

Craft grass blocks with dirt and wheat seeds.

Craft 2 wheat seeds from wheat.

Craft all glass recipes using any color of glass. (Like recipes with wooden planks.)

Craft all cobblestone recipes using different kinds of stone. (Again, like recipes with wooden planks.)

Craft 4 nether quartz with a quartz block.

Craft 4 nether quartz with a smooth quartz block.

Craft 4 snowballs with a snow block.

Craft 9 melon slices with a melon.

Craft 4 clay balls with a clay block.

Craft 4 honeycomb with a honeycomb block.

Craft 9 nether wart with a nether wart block.

Craft 4 glowstone dust with a glowstone block.

Craft 4 coral with the corresponding coral block.

Craft a coral block with 4 of the corresponding coral.

Craft 9 packed ice with a blue ice.

Craft 9 ice with a packed ice.

Craft 4 dead coral with the corresponding dead coral block.

Craft a dead coral block with 4 of the corresponding coral.

Craft white dye with a white tulip.

Craft 4 wood with 4 of the corresponding logs, instead of getting 3.

Craft 4 soul sand with a soul soil.

Craft a soul soil with 4 soul sand.

Craft 4 hyphae with 4 crimson/warped stems.

Craft 6 wooden stairs instead of 4.

Craft 4 stripped logs into 4 stripped wood.

Craft 4 stripped wood into 4 stripped logs.

Craft 4 wood into 4 logs.

Craft red dye using pink and black dye.

Craft blue dye using light blue and black dye.

Craft green dye using lime and black dye.

Craft gray dye using light gray and black dye.

Craft 4 dead bushes by putting sticks in a slingshot shape.

Craft arrows using iron nuggets in addition to flint.

Craft horse armor by putting ingots in a horse shape, but the middle is a block.

Craft the default player head using a zombie head surrounded by the correct dyes (brown on top, blue to the sides, orange on the bottom).

Craft a saddle using 2 leather with an iron ingot in the middle, in addition to 2 tripwires below the leathers.

Craft 2 sticks out of bamboo.

Craft vines using any type of leaves in a ladder shape.

Craft lilypads using any type of leaves with a water bucket underneath it.

Craft a bell using a top row of sticks, a gold ingot on the center of the second row, and 2 gold ingots with a gold nugget in the center on the third row.

Craft 8 wither roses using a wither skeleton skull surrounded by 8 poppies.


Smelting Recipes

Smelt kelp into green dye.

Smelt rotten flesh into leather.

Smelt sweet berries into red dye.

Smoke sweet berries into red dye.

Smelt diorite into nether quartz.

Blast diorite into nether quartz.




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