Simple Spikes

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Simple Spikes adds, as the name suggests, a set of simple spikes to improve and simplify mob farms. Using these spikes will serve the same purpose as a huge drop to deal fall damage, except you don't need to go through the effort of creating a 20-something block deep hole, saving time.



Simple Spikes currently adds 8 types of spikes, all having varying features and damage.



Wooden Spikes - Deals 1 damage, but is easy to get.


Stone Spikes - Deals 2 damage, a small upgrade from Wooden Spikes.


Copper Spikes - Great if you need large amount of spikes, deals 3 damage.


Iron Spikes - The 'default' spikes. Deals 3 damage.


Gold Spikes - Also deals 3 damage, but doesn't kill the entity, leaving it with half a heart.


Diamond Spikes - Deals 6 damage and also leaves the entity with half a heart.


Netherite Spikes - Deals 10 damage, leaves the entity with half a heart, and pierces through armor.


Slime Spikes - Deals 3 damage, and entities bounce on the spikes.




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