Realistic Sleep

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Normally when you sleep, time is just "set" to morning. Seems unrealistic, right? Well, this mod has you covered! Time will actually progress throughout the night!

If you have either of the first two methods (not selected by default), the following things will update through the night:

  • TileEntities (all in the Overworld)
  • Player Potion Effects (only for sleeping players in the Overworld)
  • Player Health (only for sleeping players in the Overworld)

If you're curious on how the first method works, it finds all TileEntities that register themselves with the vanilla registry and forcefully ticks them at 1/4 the time that passes throughout the night, then runs potion effects at a 1:1 scale, then finally heals the player based on their remaining hunger.  The second method does all of that, but instead of finding machines, it grabs all of them in all loaded chunks and ticks them.  More precise, but a little slower.

However, it's the third method (selected by default) that makes this mod truly shine. It speeds up the entire Overworld and timelapses the night away until it hits morning. This means that not only do machines update, but plants grow, mobs move around, trees decay, literally EVERYTHING is ticked faster. Nothing is left behind! It also ticks potion effects and heals the player like the other methods do.

By the very nature of how this mod works, it is unfortunately not compatible with mods that alter how many players are required to sleep, like Morpheus, neither is it compatible with mods that alter the length of the day/night cycle. Support may be added later, but for now, it will not function properly.

Enjoy sleeping again knowing that you're not losing out on anything by simply setting it to daytime!


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