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This mod was made for ModOff April, 2017


The Bloomery is an early game way to double your ores, it has to be manually attended to or it will go out and you will loose your progress on the smelt.


Current construction of the Bloomery has Been Overhauled. First a player has to make Bloomery Clay in a Mixing Trough (r-click axe on planks, and again on the chopping block to make the trough) the ingredients are displayed here [Clay block might be replaced by balls of clay for a slightly cheeper recipe]:

http://gph.is/2wk9qyc  after bloomery clay has been made it player needs to craft balls of the clay and fire some sto make bloomery bricks.

Placing a bloomery brick on the ground will start the process for making the bloomery http://gph.is/2uUQ6nv 


The bloomery uses up to 8 ores of one type and 16+ charcoal fuel to perform a full smelt, air can be added after lighting the filled construct with a reed in hand, the air in the block is displayed by the smoke/fire particle on top of the block, when low on fuel there is another particle that displays, Heat can be displayed by using a gauge or using redstone and a comparitor.

The process level is displayed by the rising liquid level in the block(textures for this may be broken atm) if fully processed you have a higher chance at doubling or better ores from the smelt.



Currently the mod is functional, not finished. Updates and expanded features are yet to come.


I have a trello board setup for this project, before issuing a request check the board first.





Youtube Overview 


Feel Free to use this mod in your modpacks, if you can spare the time let me know in the comments or tweet at me :)