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Now Released for Minecraft Forge 1.16.1!


Beta Release Now for Minecraft Forge 1.19 - 41.0.28
(Pedestals 1.19+ Now Requires MowLib) Link Here




You can find a lot of modded Posts, Images and Videos on twitter, searching for #PedestalsMod


Pedestals is a Simple and Lightweight mod with 6 main purposes.

- Display your items and fancy loot.

- Transfer, Sort, Store, and Process your Items.

- Transfer, Store, and Use Energy.

- Transfer, Store, and Use Exp.

- Transfer, Sort, Store, and Use Fluids.

- Creative ways to get you more items.


A video that details the mods future and how to get started using Pedestals: A Guide To Pedestals v1.16+

The Wiki is [WIP] but being worked on, this is the entry for how to get started: Getting Started (Wiki)

If you have the Patchouli Mod installed there is a craftable ingame Pedestals Guide you can use.

Lastly with JEI installed, there is a blue "!" tab when looking up an items recipe, pedestals gives a small description for each of its items.


Currently there are 64 Colors of pedestals.

Over 30 Functional Upgrades that interact with inventories, the world, and you the player.

1 Tool that is used to do about everything in the mod, from crafting to directly interacting with pedestals.

A way to change the color of your pedestals from 1 color to any of the other 64.

A way to use pedestals as a light source (Use glowstone block on a pedestal)

Use pedestals on the walls and ceilings, even under water!

Speed up how fast and how many items your pedestals can transfer, just takes diamonds or emeralds crafted with the Linking Tool. The fastest is 64 items transferred per in game tick!


Colored Pedestals


If you have any questions, there is a discord link in the mods list in game.