Real First Person 2

171,719 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 24, 2019 Game Version: Forge

License & Permissions:

This mod is posted under the MIT License (

This means you can use it in a mod pack, including modifying it in any way you see fit.

(Credit in derivative works and links back to the original source would be appreciated, but are not explicitly required by the license.)


A Note On 1.14:

  • I currently have no plans to support 1.14 as I do not plan on upgrading beyond 1.12.
  • That said, if anyone out there wants to contribute code for a new 1.13/1.14 branch I would be happy to accept it.


Known Issues:

  • Many mods are incompatible with RFP2. Any mod that modifies the player model may cause visual glitches or "camera inside head" problems. If this happens, please submit an issue on the github, and include a screenshot, as well as the name of the mod that is causing the problem, and I will endeavor to fix it in future releases if possible. If fixing it is not possible, I will make sure to add it to the blacklist for future releases to prevent RFP2 from causing problems when players have known incompatible mods installed.


RFP2 is a rewrite of the original RFPR, with many new features.

  • Configurable hotkeys to toggle mod features
  • Body now follows camera facing direction by default (can be toggled with hotkey)
  • Mod no longer changes F1 HUD toggle functionality
  • Near-instant startup of first person effect after logging in, teleportation, or respawn
  • Improved forge integration, including in-game config GUI
  • Improved compatibility options, see in-game options menu for full details
  • Cosmetic Armor Reworked integration
    Compatibility API for other mods to interact with RFP2


Changes in 1.2.3:

  • Mod blacklist added. If known conflicting mods are present, RFP2 will not load, and will display a warning message.
  • Added logging rate limiting for when the "ignore rendering errors" option is checked.
  • Added the following mods to the blacklist: obfuscate, ido, moreplayermodels, playerformlittlemaid

Changes in 1.2.2:

  • Morph mod integration (RFP2 will disable itself while you are morphed)
  • Added an experimental option to bypass rendering safety checks for those who keep having RFP2 switch itself off unnecessarily. (Game may crash with this enabled, you have been warned!)



The forum page is here.

The source code is here.

The issue & bug tracker is here.



  • The download for 1.2.2 is the current full release.
  • Note that because RFP2 is a rewrite, the JAR file has a new name and there are a few quirks in the upgrade process from RFPR.
  • You should remove your old RFPR jar before installing RFP2.
  • When loading your world after removing RFPR or RFP2, you will get a "Missing Entity rfpr:playerdummy" error or similar. You can safely click YES to continue loading the world.
  • You can also safely downgrade back to the original RFPR with the same process.
  • Thanks to Don_Bruce for the original RFPR mod, and allowing me to post this new version here and keep everything in one place.



 -- Rejah 


Original RFPR Description:

This mod comes as a request by one of my flight simulator mod modelers.  It's a small client-side mod that renders the player's body when in first-person.  Although it may seem similar to the Improved First Person mod, RFPR is coded quite differently.  It doesn't require a coremod, and only uses one class file.  This makes updating a snap, and allows it to easily be tweaked to work with any version. It also means that there are some inconsistencies; that's the price you pay for simplicity.


It's not 100% accurate and never will be, but it should give just a dash of realism for those who want it.