Real First Person 2

223,734 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

License & Permissions:
- This mod is posted under the MIT License (
- This means that yes, you can use it in a mod pack, including modifying it in any way you see fit.
- (Credit in derivative works and links back to the original source would be appreciated, but are not explicitly required by the license.)


Project Description:
- RFP2 is a rewrite of the original RFPR, with many new features, including an in-game configuration menu, hotkey support, improved compatibility with other mods, and improved performance.


Known Conflicts:
Obfuscate: Known to completely break RFP2 (and many other camera related mods) and sometimes outright crash. This is because Obfuscate and RFP2 both attempt to modify some of the same components of the game.

- More Player Models: MOSTLY working, but some facial parts (snouts in particular) can block the RFP2 view.

Please note that Any other mod that modifies the player model or first person camera may cause problems with RFP2, including "camera inside head" problems or worse.

If this happens, please submit an issue on Github. Make sure to include a screenshot as well as the name and version of the mod that is causing the problem, and I will endeavor to fix it in future releases if possible. If fixing it is not possible, I will make sure to add a warning to the mod so that it will alert other users to potential known issues.


Changes in 1.3.2:

- Added baubles support
- Added compatibility api documentation to the source root
- Changed mod blacklist to a warning-only model; may be bypassed at the user's discretion.
- Removed Ido from blacklist
- Added support for "Ido" movement mod (
- Added changelog to the source root
- Refactored mechanism for fixing conflicts with other mods -- code is now modular and it should be easier to add fixes going forward.


Future Versions (1.14+)?:

- Looks like I don't need to update this, as the same functionality has already been implemented in both Forge and Fabric!

- Forge: Advanced Skin Customization by KittRiderMC

- Fabric: First Person Model by tr9zw


- Source Code:

- Issue Tracker:


Other Notes:
For fresh installs:
- Simply place the RFP2 jar file in your /mods/ folder after installing forge, then restart minecraft.

To upgrade from previous versions:
- Remove the old RFPR or RFP2 jar and replace it with the new one, then restart minecraft.
- RFP2 -> RFP2 upgrades should be seamless.
- RFPR -> RFP2 upgrades, as well as removing the mod, may result in a "Missing Entity rfpr:playerdummy" error or similar. Simply ignore this and click YES for the upgrade or removal to complete successfully.
- (You can also safely downgrade or remove the mod with the same process; this entity is only used to track the player position and will not affect the save)


Many thanks to Don_Bruce for the original RFPR mod, as well as for giving me ownership of the project to release the new version!



-- Rejah <3


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