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Real First Person 2

I have moved on from 1.12.2 and am no longer maintaining this mod.

This page is kept up for archival and download purposes only.

No further updates will be released.


License & Permissions:
- MIT License (https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).
- Mod packs: YES
- Derivative works: YES

- Anything else you want to do: READ THE LICENSE, IT'S SHORT.


Project Description:
- RFP2 is a rewrite of the original RFPR, with many additional features, including an in-game configuration menu, hotkey support, improved compatibility with other mods, and improved performance.


Known Conflicts:
- Obfuscate - completely broken.
- More Player Models - some models block the rfp2 view.
- Any other mod that changes the player model or first person view probably also won't work with this.


Alternatives for newer Minecraft versions:
- Forge & Fabric: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/first-person-modelLinks:
- Source Code: https://github.com/rejahtavi/rfp2


Other Notes:
- Removing the mod will show "Missing Entity rfp:playerdummy" error or similar on loading the world.
- Simply ignore this and click YES for the removal to complete successfully. This will not break anything.


Many thanks to Don_Bruce for the original RFPR mod, as well as for giving me ownership of the project to release this version.