Reactive Creepers 💥

75 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot

Ever felt like Minecraft Creepers were underpowered? Ever felt like blowing a quarter of your house was not enough? Ever felt like Minecraft was missing that Michael Bay touch?

Well well, Reactive Creepers is just for you! Through an intense genetic modification and profound research, this mod makes Creepers more deadly than ever!

Reactive Creeper does three things:

  1. - Creepers that take explosion damage will now blow up instantly.
  2. - Creepers that are on fire will get ignited (except for charged ones). I don't see why you can use a flint and steel on them but burning doesn't work. Great combo with mods that make Creepers burn in the sunlight!
  3. - Creepers that take damage from a charged Creeper will get turned into charged Creepers.





Alternatively, if you want even more chaos but not your world to be turned into a hellscape, you could check out Creeper Spores, that works very well with this mod!


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