Satin API

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Satin is a simple library allowing modders to add interesting graphical effects to their mods. Its main feature is to significantly simplify the use of Minecraft's data-driven shader system (that is, the one used by super secret settings, mob vision, and spectral arrows).


A full feature list with installation instructions is available on the github repository :

You can find documentation for the shader format on the wiki :



Can it replace Optifine ?

No. Optifine shaders are significantly more complex than what this library allows. For a work-in-progress alternative, see the Canvas Renderer project.


Can it bring back Super Secret Settings ?

Satin is just a library, so it does not add any content by itself. You may however be interested in Secrets No More, a mod using Satin to do exactly that !


Does this library have a Forge version ?

No, and I do not want to port it myself. I will however support anyone who does so. Also note that the documentation for the shader format stays applicable regardless of the mod loader being used.


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