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Did you know creepers were plants? Creeper Spores takes this idea and adds a few features based on it.

Creeper Spores

creeper spores image

Creeper Spores propagation replaces terrain damage from regular creepers. Spores manifest as a status effect affecting living entities caught in a creeper explosion. When an entity gets hit or dies under the effect, or when the effect runs out, a creeperling has a chance to spawn.


creeperlings image

Cute baby creepers that will eventually grow up after getting enough sunlight. They have half the health of an adult, and will flee from survival players and cats. Bone meal can be applied to a creeperling to make it grow faster. Creeperlings share some characteristics with catnip, making them the natural prey of cats and ocelots.


You can configure terrain destruction from creepers using the cspores_creeperGrief gamerule. 3 values are accepted:

  • CHARGED: Only charged creepers can destroy terrain (default value)
  • NEVER: Creepers can never destroy terrain.
  • VANILLA: All creepers can destroy terrain, just like in vanilla


  • Creepers spawning on the surface are replaced with creeperlings
  • Creepers take double damage from fire (dry leaves burn quite well I hear)
  • Charged creepers still destroy terrain unless mobGriefing is set to false (farming heads is a dangerous business)
  • You can spawn a creeperling by using a creeper spawn egg on another creeper or creeperling
  • You can disable individual creepers' spore spreading by altering their NBT to have the cspores:giveSpores (true) boolean tag.