NOTE: There is a skin server whitelist you can change on servers to avoid user IP leaks for privacy. Only disable this if you are doing this for a private server or add servers to the whitelist if you trust the source.


Also If you are using fabric you will require the fabric API though if you are using fabric you may already have this.


Default Whitelisthttps://i.imgur.com/

Forge uses an array though fabric you can split websites using semicolons ; This is to add easier support with mod menu.


If there are any other image servers you want to be whitelisted by default feel free to suggest them to me or send me a DM and I will check them out.

We are not forcing you to use imgur, it's just it's the only source we've really seen people use so thought it would make a decent default whitelist.


If you are using this to get skins for pirated Minecraft YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY SUPPORT (I will not support game piracy)


Screenshot of the mod working with Mo' Bends

More Screenshots



In 1.4.0 and above we will be changing /setskin to always be URL first and then target to match the gamemode commands.


Set skins using /setskin (url) or /setskin (url) (player)

Before 1.4.0: Targeting other players was /setskin (player) (url)

Note: Url's must directly link the image, they can't just be on the page. Example skin used in gif https://i.imgur.com/mORJxcm.png

Reset skin back to vanilla with /setskin reset (need to re-add this to 1.16.2)

Reload skins/clear the cache using /clearskincache


To get the image source from imgur.com (Copy the image address not the main https://imgur.com/ link)


Compatible Skin Sizes

As long as they follow the same ratio as the default skins e.g. 64x64 or the old 32x64 then they will be supported. Though the way that minecraft handles textures the numbers will need to be powers of 2. Basically multiply the base size by 2 over and over until you get the size you want.


I have not tried going lower but theoretically that should also work.


New Skins: 64x64,128x128,256x256,512x512,1024x1024,2048x2048,4096x4096,8192x8192

Old Skins: 64x32,128x64,256x128,512x256,1024x512,2048x1024,4096x2048,8192x4096


Planned features

  • More model types. Once /setbody has been added higher support will be possible for different model types.
  • Gui for saving a bank of skins to swap between
  • Hotkey setting for quick skin changing (For now you can use other mods that trigger commands)
  • Sequencing images for animated expressions (Will also need the GUI)
  • Possibly a centralized database for generally setting skins for use on non modded servers (I'll look to do this if I get people on Patreon once that is set up fully)




Any versions after 2.5.0 will require the use of SekCLib. This is required for the network communication of the skins and will be used to help create some of the upcoming features e.g. removing the skin whitelist.


Fabric Version (Or other loaders)

After 2.5.0 support will be dropped due to time constraints and deciding to switch over to my custom library to help make additional features and maintain other parts. I may take a look at making a fabric version in the future though if I support cross-loader for the library. As the project is MIT anyone is free to make forks of this project and maintain fabric versions.


For 1.19+



Contact Us

If you have any issues or want to test newer versions, feel free to join the discord and send me a message. If you ask for support for offline servers without a reason you will be warned and continued pestering will get you banned. (I am asked to support offline mode far too much for my mods)