Randomly Adding Anything (Core)

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RAA is for now not updated, we're all burnt out on it and we're unsure when we wanna start working on it again

No forge


Randomly Adding Anything has been recently "modularized" and this mod page will now be the one for the Core module of this new system.

The module system is only available for 1.16+ but will be backported if we have enough free time to do so.

You can find a list of available modules to download at : Link

Maybe we will backport the module system to 1.14 if we have free time.


Randomly Adding Anything


Why is this?

After a while, Minecraft's boundaries are massive. From surviving to fighting, from exploring to building to travelling across dimensions; Minecraft has many things and the only thing limiting you is your imagination. However, once you learn it, it becomes kind of the same every time; always mine the same minerals, with always the same tools, always the same biomes.

This mod turns Minecraft back to that unexplored place that we once loved to learn to play and were afraid to explore!



(1.16+) This is the core module of the module system, it doesn't add any content by itself, you need to download an addon to add content to the game.

Randomize Ores! (1.15 and before)

When the mod is initially installed, it will create a new set of minerals and gems.

Each one of these ores are randomly colorized and generated. These minerals can be found anywhere like sand or gravel, not only stone! Each mineral has it's uses, and some are better than others in some situations.

Randomize Dimensions! (1.15 and before)

When the mod is initially installed, it will create a new set of dimensions with between 1-12 biomes.

The dimensions will have their own stone blocks, stone brick blocks and more. They have random trees which uses vanilla materials, random generation of the terrain and random structures. They have different kinda mobs which spawn in them and all of those you can change in the config.

To get to the dimensions you will have to find a portal hub that will spawn around in all dimensions, even vanilla ones, and there it will spawn 4 different portals. The portal hubs can have different themes like for example quartz, red sandstone, sandstone and more



Q: How do I re-randomize ores? (1.15 and before)

A: In the configs folder there is a raa.json5 document. If you set the "regen" property to true, new ores will generate each time you boot up minecraft until that setting is turned back to false.

TL;DR Set .minecraft/config/raa.json5's "regen" to true until you get whatever ores you like.

Q: Is there any way I can suggest my ideas or anything of the sort? Is there a chat?

A: Yes, there is! The team has a Discord server that you can join through this link: https://discord.gg/2HKGqJE. Remember to be respectful and read the rules~

Q: Can you guys port this mod to forge?

A: Haha no

Q: Can you guys pwease port to 1.12?

A: No

Q: AAAAA I FOUND A BUG, How do I report it?

A: You have two options. If the bug seems like something minor and doesn't heavily impact gameplay, you may want to ask in the Discord Server first! (#raa-mod-talk or #raa-brainstorming).

However, if the bug causes a crash or heavily impacts gameplay, you should post an issue that contains:

  • Operative System (Commonly Windows)
  • Minecraft Console Log

The contents of these files:

  • config/raa.json5 (1.15 and before)
  • config/raa/materials/material_config.json (1.15 and before)
  • config/raa/materials/dimensionmaterialconfig.json (1.15 and before)
  • config/raa/dimensions/dimension_config.json (1.15 and before)
  • config/raa_core.json (1.16+)
  • All files in folder beginning with "raa" in the config folder (1.16+) (For Example: config/raamaterials/, config/raa_dimensions/)
  • Same with files beginning with "raa" in the config folder (1.16+) (For Example: config/raamaterials.json, config/raa_dimensions.json)


More to come!

Planned Features

  • Create more modules for the module system.
  • Backport to 1.15 and maybe 1.14/older.


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