Quiver Redux

297,667 Downloads Last Updated: May 27, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod adds a quiver for managing arrows, but unlike most mods, this quiver has some twists to it.


The quiver uses the Curios API in order to function, thus it is a required mod.  And mixinbootstrap as mixins are not bundled with forge in 1.15.2


This quiver is not a free pass to large arrow storage, but rather for prioritizing arrows


When equipped, the quiver unlocks a single slot that can be used to hold any type of arrow, even arrows from other mods.


If a stack is put in this slot, bows/crossbows will prefer to use this slot first for finding suitable ammo. and any picked up arrows will attempt to enter this slot first.


If the quiver is unequipped, the arrows are placed back into the inventory or dropped on the ground.



This mod was made on commission.  If you need a custom mod or just want to chat, contact me on Discord:




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