Inspired by Terraria, and Quark's functionality in 1.12 (no longer present in 1.14), this mod adds in 2 keybinds to the player inventory.


the first one, dump, deposits all items into nearby chests, barrels, or anything else with an IItemHandler capability.


the second one, quickstack works exactly like quickstack from terraria.  It deposits items to nearby chests ONLY if they already have a pre existing item of that type already.


Control - clicking a stack while in the player inventory will favorite it, favorited items have a yellow slot background and are not affected by dump or quickstack.


* 1.14+ Continuation of the 1.12 mod dropoff


But isn't this in Quark already?  Not anymore in 1.14 and it isn't planned for it to make a return, from the mod author themselves 


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