Dye It Yourself

643,909 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


Dye It Yourself adds new mechanics to sheep and how you collect dye!


At its most basic, this mod lets sheep eat flowers, which causes their fleece to match the color of the flower eaten.


After a while, you will notice that sheep will start to randomly drop dye that matches their fleece color.


Everything is configurable by the user: you can change the interval at which dye drops from sheep, how much dye drops from them or even turn the dye dropping feature off. You could even stop the sheep from eating flowers at all, preventing them from gaining wonderful, amazingly colored. fleeces. (Why would you do that though? You monster.)




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See it in action here

Dye It Yourself was created for the 5th Modjam. Thank you to Searge for organizing the event. And thanks to Vallen for including this in their ModJam 5 showcase.


This project is sponsored by NodeCraft, Use Cazsius for 30% off your first month of Service!



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