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Mekanism Matter

Mekanism Matter is an unofficial Addon to Makanism that adds a few machines for exchanging Energy and Universal Matter. The purpose of this mod is to create a balanced way to get items that can be difficult to be obtained in larger quanteties. This mods also adds a few other cool things.


Adding Custom Recipes [1.18.2]:

File Location: Game-directory/config/mekanismmatter/customrecipes.cfg


Youtube Tutorials:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp5OxLmBTtA - General Tutorial [1.18.2]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_8kB-Cpotg - Reactor Tutorial [ONLY 1.16.5]



  • Matter Fabricator (Nothing to say here)
  • Recycler (Produces Scrap with any items)
  • Matter Synthesizer (Changing Matter to Items)
  • Matter Analyser (Changing Matter back to energy)
  • Scanner (Scann Items and store them in a Pattern Storage)
  • Antimatter Synthesizer


Extra Features (a little bit random) ONLY 1.16.5 :

  • Naquada (Ore can be found in End, 32000 Burn Ticks)
  • Refined Naquadah (for Reactor & TNT)
  • Portable Naquadah Reactor (up to 100.000 Fe/t)
  • Multyblock Naquadah Reactor (up to 11.300.000 Fe/t)
  • Trinium
  • Arc Furnace (Acts like a normal smelting machine but also fuses items together)



Links to other Mekanism modules:


Goto Link Removed: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hsumh0lb8mq4bln/MekanismMatter_Costs.pdf/file to get a full List of possible Replications (Item/Energy/Matter)



Credits to the official Mekanism and Mekanism Addons! Pls support them!

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