Push To Craft


Latest release tested for up to 1.15.2 | 1.16.1






Since curseforge's formatting is totally broken you can see a better description in the readme file here.


This mod adds a new data type called push to craft.

A valid json file is built like this:

  • additions: Array - Defines all items or tags that you want to add to the targets
    • Entries are item ids as Strings. You can use tags by prepending a #.
  • targets: Array or String - Defines which items and tags to target in the recipes
    • Entries are item ids or tags as Strings.
  • recipes: Object - Gives conditions for which items to choose
    • types: Array - optional - Defines which recipe serializers to target
      • Entries are recipe serializer ids as Strings
    • ids: Array - optional - Defines which recipes to target
      • Entries are Strings that are either of these:
        • Exact recipe ids à la minecraft:anvil
        • Namespace specific regular expression that only mark the last part of the id as regex à la minecraft:.*
        • A complete regular expression beginning and ending with a forward slash à la /.*craft:.*/


This allows you to use blackstone in favor of cobblestone everywhere:

{ "additions": [ "minecraft:blackstone" ], "targets": [ "minecraft:cobblestone" ], "recipes": {} }

This allows you to use emeralds and all kinds of planks as alternatives to diamonds and iron ores in crafting and smelting recipes:

{ "additions": [ "minecraft:emerald", "#minecraft:planks" ], "targets": [ "minecraft:diamond", "minecraft:iron_ore" ], "recipes": { "types": [ "crafting_shaped", "crafting_shapeless", "blasting" ], "ids": [ "minecraft:/.*/" ] } }

Have fun :)