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(PTMA : Popular Tea by Monsters, Ayataka)


What's this?

Ayataka Mod is a mod which add items, "Ayataka" and "MurderousAyataka".  They attract monsters to themselves!!

When Ayataka is thrown, Mobs in the vicinity gathers (quits from what they am doing) to the place where Ayataka fell.

(Ayataka is the brand name of green tea which is in plastic bottle.  It is famous for its sales copy, "It was Ayataka that was chosen.")


When we use "Ayataka" and "MurderousAyataka"?

When you are chased after creeper or something, when you hit a skeleton with a bow and arrow, throw Ayataka ... lol

Then, you can flee from monsters, or you can attack to monsters.

It's very useful, isn't it?



After you hold Ayataka or MurderousAyataka, please use it like a bow!



  Ayataka attract monsters to itself!!

  After a little time, it will be broken.



  MurderousAyataka has almost the same function as Ayataka.

  When it gets broken, it cause an explosion.

  Monsters will die.



Ayataka: Water Bucket x 1  and  Wheat x 4


MurderousAyataka: Surround  Ayataka x 1  with  GunPowder x 8.



This mod make a config. (It is named "ayataka.cfg")

In it, you can set up whether MurderousAyataka break blocks when it cause an explosion. (true/false)

murderousayataka {
    # When MurderousAyataka explode, should it break blocks? [default: true]


Special Thanks

Originally, shu3 made AyatakaMod on Minecraft version 1.6.2.  I just reshuffled the mod to 1.7.10.


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