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What's this?

Proactive Mod is a mod which add "Proactive" and "Waruactive".  They can make part of your world flat easily!!

(Proactive is a cream which can remove acne from skin of people.  Ups and downs of the world is similar to acnes...)



After you hold Proactive or Waruactive, you just right click!







Proactive: Craft  Milk Bucket x 1  and  Leather x 1  together.


Waruactive: Surround  Proactive x 1  with  GunPowder x 8.  Then you will get a Waruactive!


Silk Touch Mode

Newer than ProactiveMod_x.x.x-2.0.0, you can use SilkTouch with Proactive.

Press P button(you can change this key from settings) to toggle the mode.(Normal or SilkTouch)


In SilkTouch mode, every time you use Proactive once you lose 1 level.

If you don't have enough level, thrown Proactive works as Normal mode.


Newer than ProactiveMod_x.x.x-2.1.0, you can set up the amount of level to reduce when using Proactive in SilkTouch Mode in config.

# Configuration file

proactive {
    # Amount of level to reduce when using Proactive in SilkTouch Mode [range: 0 ~ 10, default: 1]


Special Thanks

Originally, shu3 made Proactive Mod on Minecraft version 1.6.4.  I just reshuffled the mod to 1.7.10, 1.10.x,  1.11.x, and 1.12.x.


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