Practical Space Fireworks

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Practical Space Fireworks

Entry for ModJam 2018.1

 Practical Space Fireworks allows the modular creation of satellites, and the rocket that fires them off into space!

With this mod, you are able to design your spacecraft and satellites on a block-by-block basis, exactly as you wish, before sending them up into the heavens. Do be careful, though, this *is* (not really) rocket science! You must make sure to balance the weight of your rocket with the amount of thrust, and both of those with the amount of fuel too.

 Once in space, satellites can perform various tasks for you, depending on the modules you send up with it. If you want to spy on your friends.. you can do that from space! Though, if you want to be more explosive, you can go with the Space Laser, and bring terror from the sky! If none of these appeal to you, well, you may just want to enjoy the quite brilliant view of a rocket zooming up into space!


For a more in-depth description of the mods' content, check out our wiki!

We have a Discord Server! Here you can discuss the mod, and find development builds.



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