Progressive World Cleanup

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Progress world cleanup is an automated utility for clearing out blocks and items in a world. It allows for admins to setup conditions to remove and replace blocks with little to no effort.


How does it work?

Progress world cleanup runs in the background of the game using a separate thread from the main game thread. In this thread, the mod scans each chunk at a pre-determined rate. When it finds blocks and items that need to be changed it adds them to a queue. Then on the next tick the main game thread will remove 20 or more entries for modification. This allows the game to continue running without lag while continuing to clean the world.  


Feature List

  • Remove blocks [ Based on name, meta, and ore dictionary name ]
  • Replace Blocks [ Based on name, and meta ]
  • Configurable modification limit per tick
  • Configurable chunk scan time
  • Separate thread from the main game
  • Admin Control commands [ Start, Stop, Pause, running, alive ]

Planned Features

Planned features will be implemented as needed or requested

  • Placing of TileEntities
  • Editing of TileEntities
  • Time Delay on removal, allows players to retrieve blocks
  • Admin commands[Enable, Disable, EnableWorld, DisableWorld, SetBlocksRemovedPerTick, AddBlock, RemoveBlock]
  • Ore generator support, update old ores automatically to new world generated ores
  • Conditional Removal of blocks, ex. remove only if next to a chest
  • Profiling of world generation code, including optimizations ( might be implemented as another mod) 


1) Mod is slow to update when the world loads

A: The mod has a 500 tick, or 25-second delay to allow everything to load in the world


2) How do I add or remove blocks from the list

A: Config file has a comma separated list of blocks


3) How do I get a block's name

A: NEI is a good option for dumping a list of registered blocks


4) Block name is not working I added "tnt"

A: You need the full block name which includes the package name, "minecraft:tnt"


5) Can I use item ids

A: No, nor will item ids be supported as all blocks should be accessed via their registry names


8) There is a delay after a block is placed before removed

A: Chunks are only scanned every 2 mins to improve performance and allow other chunks to be scanned


9) What is a chunk

A: a 16x256x16 area of the world, Minecraft is divided into this segments to allow world loading/unloading



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