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PRATTLE: Prof & Razz's Alternate Tabbed Talk: Loquacious Edition

IRC like take on MC chat system with full PM support, zoned chat, local chat, channel creation and 100+ chars input !




You can keybind to open the chat, open it with the command symbol already typed, or open the latest chan you got a msg in.

You can switch tabs by clicking on them, and middle click will automatically part from the clicked channel.



"/join <channel>" : Join a given channel, create it if it doesn't exist. Creation of channels by normal users is configurable.

"/part <channel>" : Leave a channel

"/invite <channel> <player>" : Invite a player to a channel if the channel is Private (Owner and OPs only)

"/revoke <channel> <player>" : Revoke an invitation and kick out the player from the channel (Owner and OPs only)

"/chatzone <channel> <start|stop|remove>" : Start/stop/remove a chat zone (a chat that people will autojoin when they walk in the zone).

"/channel" : Multi command to handle channels access rights and flags.

"/channel help" will give a detailled list of possible usages (transfert ownership, add/rm OPs, switch flags to create private local channels, etc).