Decocraft Logo by PhiiDelityNOTE: As of version 1.16+ this mod no longer requires the PTRLib library in order for it to run! (only 1.12.2 version needs it) 


SUPER IMPORTANT! 1.16 Decocraft is in BETA, which means it is not complete.



Embark on a captivating journey into the world of Decocraft, a mod that masterfully weaves a tapestry of cozy charm into your Minecraft adventures. As its name implies, this mod is a testament to the art of decorating, adding a rich tapestry of new, inviting items and objects that will transform your in-game world into a cozy haven. Here's the best part - some of these items aren't just for show; they're fully functional and come to life with captivating animations.

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a delightful array of furniture, decorative blocks, soothing lighting fixtures, and a cornucopia of other heartwarming elements. Whether it's a comfy chair you can sit in or a flickering fireplace that crackles with warmth, Decocraft brings both form and function to your Minecraft world. The mod is renowned for its vast selection of items, making it the go-to choice for those who yearn to infuse their Minecraft worlds with visual warmth, a personalized touch, and the wonder of animated décor. Dive into DecoCraft and let your creativity flourish as you craft a snug and inviting haven that feels like home, complete with items that come to life with every click and interaction.


corosus - animations

omar_tuareg - animations

momoko - 3D models

How does it work?




Q: My game takes forever to load and/or crashes!

A: Please allocate AT LEAST 4GB RAM to your Minecraft!


Q: Can I use Decocraft in my Mod Pack?! 

A: Sure