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Practical Logistics 2


Practical Logistics 2 by SonarSonic

A port and update of my original mod Practical Logistics with even more fanciness.

Practical Logistics 2 gives you the ability to create automated systems for reading, displaying and acting upon data. You can monitor items, energy, fluids, entities, machines, tanks, light, weather, direction, movement and much more. You can create Item, Fluid and Energy networks and transfer them anywhere in the world instantly; you can even transfer across dimensions. This mod also gives you more interactive control, via the use of Large Display Screens. This gives you infinite control and management of your base. You can also monitor and control blocks wirelessly.


Important Info: This mod requires Sonar Core & MCMultipart to run.   

Mod Packs:  Feel free to use this mod in any mod-pack you wish.

Inventory Monitoring

3D Interactive Guide Book

Entity Monitoring

Furnace Progress

Fluid and Item Monitoring. On one screen!

Screen Interaction - for item/fluid extraction. 

Operator Tool - Info Overlays

Energy Reader GUI

Energy Reader - Displaying Energy Stored


Custom Message Displaying 

A large Array of Arrays

Update Log: (from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2 version)


  • Added Guide - an interactive in-game guide book
  • Added Operator - used for general operations on blocks
  • Added Entity Transceiver - to track a specific entity for Info Reading/Displaying
  • Added Wireless Storage Reader - for wirelessly add/remove items.
  • Added Etched Plate - a new crafting ingredient created in the Forging Hammer
  • Added Transfer Node - used for transfering items/fluids/energy from/to the connected block.


  • The energy reader can show a list of all available energy connections
  • The Data Receiver can connect to an unlimited number of Data Emitters
  • Full Multipart Support - Super compact setups.
  • Nodes have a priority setting to configure their order when performing item/fluid transfer
  • Redstone Signaller: Now supports multiple statements for more complex setups.
  • Display Screens can now face UP and DOWN.
  • Channel Selector has been removed. Channels can now be configured within each individual block.
  • Info Creator and Data Modifier have also been removed. Info can be created and modified within the screens themselves.


-You can suggest new ideas and see stuff that will be in new updates on my  Twitter Page :) 

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