This mod is more of a utility for Sponge and SpongeForge servers. It is hosted here to allow easy integration into modpacks.


Have you ever wanted an easy and balanced way to let your players earn money on your server?

Well then here you have it! A mod that adds a way to convert energy into money. Simple as that!


To make sure it is still balanced, all energy a single player consumes with all their Power Receivers is turned into money on a once per second base. The money is scaled logarithmically, to make it balanced. You naturally can tweak the details in the config.




Suggestions and Bugs

So if you have feedback on my planned features, suggestions on what I can add or improve, tell me!
Also please report any bugs you encounter, so I can fix them. (Click the Issues link up at the top.)
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If you want to use this in your mod pack, please go ahead! It would be nice if you were to let me know about its usage so I can check the pack out for myself, but it's not necessary.



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