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Modular Routers


Welcome to Modular Routers! This is a highly flexible mod for moving items around the world in various ways. With a single block - the Item Router - and a selection of plug-in module items, you can:

  • pull items from an inventory (including modded inventories like Storage Drawers)
  • send them to other inventories near & far
  • place items as blocks
  • break blocks
  • drop items into the world
  • absorb dropped items
  • fling items across the world
  • sort items (including some sophisticated filters, more than just item/meta/NBT matching)
  • void unwanted items
  • remotely interact with your player inventory
  • extend & retract lines of blocks (drawbridges!)

... and more.  Possibilities abound for interesting item-manipulating contraptions.  While plenty other mods can do all of the above, Modular Routers can do these things in one block, just by plugging in the right combination of modules.

This mod is for all major Minecraft releases from 1.10.2 thru 1.20 (except 1.13.x). Current support status:

  • 1.20.4 - under development, scheduled for release soon (Neoforge only)
  • 1.20.1 - active support
  • 1.19.2 - critical fixes only
  • Anything older: unsupported


Join us at where we're borrowing a channel #modular-routers from the PneumaticCraft: Repressurized discord :)


Cool Stuff

New textures for 7.3.0, thanks to Ridanisaurus!


Here's a mod spotlight, courtesy of Flanks:

And a two-part mod spotlight, courtesy of TheWerdOfRa:



This mod has specific integration with:

  • TheOneProbe
  • JEI (tooltip additions for some crafting recipes) 
  • Patchouli (an in-game guidebook is available when Patchouli is present)

In general, Modular Routers should work fine with any mods using standard Forge (capability-based) or legacy (IInventory/ISidedInventory-based) inventories, which should cover just about everything.  Note that legacy IInventory support has been dropped as of v3.0.0 (for MC 1.12).

Modpack Policy

Feel free!  You are absolutely welcome to include this mod in your modpack.  I would appreciate you letting me know if you do so (but you're not required to).