349,864 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

What does this mod do?
This mod makes players drop their heads when they die.


How do I use this mod?
You need Minecraft Forge installed first. Once that's done, just drop playersdropheads-version.jar in your Minecraft instance's mods/ directory and, optionally, configure it to taste.


What settings does this mod have?
You can set the chance that a player drops their head separately for three different categories of deaths: PvP kills, charged creeper kills, and all others. By default, all of these are set to 1.0, so all player deaths will unconditionally result in a head drop.


Can I use this in my modpack?
Yes, even if you monetize it with or something, and you don't need to ask me for my permission first.


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