Planar Module Out!




Just want the glass?


Horizontal Glass Panes

Connected Glass



Lead to Gold


Duplicate Everything


Upgrades to your Artifice


Color Your Foci


Joy of Painting Support




Planar Artifice

*Planar Artifice, Original by Leppaisawesome, Continued by Zokonius & prodzpod

*Planar Artifice is totally responsible for any and all jank bug in your server.


<!> This mod is best enjoyed as a modpack of thaum and:

- Thaumic Augmentation

- Thaumic Wonders

- Thaumic Additions: Reconstructed (if you want chaos)

- Bewitchment (Legacy)

- Tinkers Construct

Connected Textures Mod

Joy of Painting

and possibly more of your choosings.


Feel free to talk to me about the mod and suggest stuff in the only social media I regularly see btw