Piston Control

372 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 6, 2020 Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot

This mod adds some new tags to control how blocks behave when pushed by pistons. It also lets you push Block Entities!

Note: this is the Fabric Edition. The forge edition is elsewhere (link).

It adds the following tags:

  • pistoncontrol:blocks/piston_behavior_normal - makes a block behave as normal when pushed by a piston.
  • pistoncontrol:blocks/piston_behavior_destroy - makes a block break when pushed by a piston.
  • pistoncontrol:blocks/piston_behavior_block - makes a block act like obsidian, stopping the piston from moving.
  • pistoncontrol:blocks/piston_behavior_push_only - makes a block act like glazed terracotta, stopping sticky pistons from pulling it back.
  • pistoncontrol:blocks/sticky_blocks - makes a block act like slime or honey, grabbing blocks around when pushed.
  • pistoncontrol:entity_types/piston_behavior_ignore - makes entities ignore pistons.
  • pistoncontrol:entity_types/piston_behavior_normal - makes entities not ignore pistons.

Demonstration videos of what's possible with this mod: https://streamable.com/ru7wm https://streamable.com/1gnfc

Available on jitpack if you want to use it as a library: https://jitpack.io/#williambl/piston-control


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