Origins (Forge)

This is an unofficial forge port of the Origins mod for fabric. Please support the original work.

This mod is designed with feature parity with the fabric version in mind. As such, no content will be added or removed from the original mod.


This mod adds 9 new origins to the game:


  • Can teleport
  • Increased reach
  • Takes damage in water or rain
  • Cannot see entities wearing pumpkins


  • Unlimited underwater breathing
  • Increased sight underwater
  • Has aqua affinity
  • Swims faster
  • Ignores gravity underwater
  • Cannot breathe on land


  • Can phase through blocks in Phantom state
  • Is invisible in Phantom state
  • Burns in daylight while not in Phantom state
  • Hungers faster in Phantom state.
  • Only has 7 hearts.


  • Has a built-in Elytra
  • Can launch themself in the air
  • Takes more kinetic damage
  • Can only wear up to Chainmail
  • Takes more fall damage
  • Gets slowness and weakness over time in low ceiling areas.


  • Immune to fire and lava
  • Deals more damage when on fire
  • Immune to Hunger and Poison
  • Spawns in the nether
  • Takes damage in water or rain


  • Slow fall
  • Air speed is equal to ground speed
  • Increased speed
  • Lays an egg after waking up
  • Needs to sleep high in the world
  • Can't eat meat


  • Can climb like a spider
  • Places cobwebs when attacks
  • Isn't slowed by cobwebs
  • Can see targets in foes in cobwebs
  • Can craft cobwebs from string
  • Only has 7 health
  • Can only eat meat


  • 9 Additional slots accessible by pressing the power key (Kept on death)
  • Has builtin armor
  • Can break stone without tools
  • Can't use shields
  • Hungers faster


  • No fall damage
  • Jumps higher when sprinting
  • Sees slightly better in the dark
  • Scares creepers
  • Can only mine small clusters of stone
  • Only has 9 hearts

Powers can be activated by a keybinding.


Addons designed for the fabric version of the mod will not work with the forge version.

Datapacks designed for the fabric version should work, if one doesn't, please report it as a bug.


All addons for Origins Forge are listed here.