What does this mod do?
Tinkers' Construct added oreberries in 1.7.10, but they dropped this feature when they moved to newer versions of Minecraft. This mod brings back oreberries and their associated content, and makes them much more configurable than they used to be.


How do I use this mod?
You need Minecraft Forge installed first. Once that's done, just drop oreberries-version.jar in your Minecraft instance's mods/ directory and, optionally, configure it to taste.


What settings does this mod have?
This mod has two configuration files: oreberries.json, where types of oreberries are defined, and oreberries.cfg, where you can control growth chances, bonemeal ability, and tinker villagers.


Why can't I place/grow oreberry bushes?
The default oreberry bushes (with the exception of essence berry bushes) only grow in the dark. The light level needs to be below 13 to place them, and below 10 for them to ever grow.


How do I add/change oreberries?
Edit your oreberries.json file. See the oreberries.json page on the wiki for detailed instructions.


Why does Minecraft crash on startup after I edited oreberries.json?
You may have made a mistake while editing oreberries.json. A syntax error in that file will prevent Minecraft from starting. If you don't see the error, and the crash log doesn't help you find it, try validating the contents of oreberries.json with a tool like JSONLint.com.


How does this mod relate to Tinkers' Construct?
This mod does not depend on Tinkers' Construct, but it does integrate with it if present. Also, this mod uses resources from the 1.7.10 version of Tinkers' Construct, with parts licensed under CC0 and CC-BY 3.0 (both GPL-compatible).


Can I use this in my modpack?
Yes, even if you monetize it with adf.ly or something, and you don't need to ask me for my permission first.


Will this be backported to any older Minecraft versions?
I won't be doing so myself, but my mod is open-source, so you can port it yourself (or if you don't know how to program, pay/convince someone who does to do it).