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Filename CubicChunks-1.10.2-0.0.1027.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar
Uploaded by barteks2x
Uploaded Jul 17, 2019
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 1.87 MB
Downloads 342
MD5 d4a825b5277f96d00a041c18691b8205
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8



  • Fixed potential unclosed file leak
  • Updated Mixin to 0.7.10
  • Fixed chunk leaks
    • Fixed removing entries in XYZMap (caused all extra chunks up to the biggest size of XYZMap for that world to be kept in memory)
    • Fixed chunk tracking corner case when moving very fast
  • Use shared, global region file cache. Keeps less files open (could cause "too many open files" on some linux distributions)
  • Improved performance when moving very fast
  • Optimized async chunk loading
  • Fixed sometimes unloading chunk that contains the player when moving very fast
  • Fixed scheduled ticks not working as intended (fixes redstone behavior and liquids not flowing after reloading chunks)
  • Added more options to force creating or loading cubic chunks worlds:
    • NONE - only cubic chunks world types will create cubic chunks worlds (default)
    • NEW_WORLD - when creating new world (equivalent to selecting "yes" for cubic chunks in world creation GUI)
    • LOAD_NOT_EXCLUDED - any world that isn't in excluded dimension list will be loaded as cubic chunks world. This will try to load vanilla worlds as cubic chunks (won't convert existing chunks!)
    • ALWAYS - load all worlds as cubic chunks worlds (except mod fake worlds)
  • Removed debug items when debug option is enabled
  • Save isCubicWorld flag with the world, to correctly handle excluded dimensions
  • Fixed NullPointerException crash with some mods (crash when setting blocks in unloaded cube clientside)
  • Added config option to control how biome temperature changes with height
  • Fixed potential crash when setting blocks in empty cube
  • Fixed falling blocks causing infinite loop when loading/generating world with no blocks below
  • Fixed crash when trying to load a tile entity with saved position not matching position of the cube it's saved in
  • (experimental) NEID and partial JEID compatibility.
  • More mod friendly way to detect creating cubic chunks world. Should work wit mods that replace world creation menu


  • Compatibility with OptiFine G1-pre
  • Fixed never removing TileEntities clientside, causing small memory leaks, performance issues, and potentially crashes
  • Fixed mob AI below y=0
  • Optimized chunk ticking
  • Faster and more correct entity spawning
  • Partial support for Forge chunk loading API
  • ChickenChunks is not working due to it's internal implementation
  • Fixed incorrectly handles scheduled ticks, causing broken redstone and liquid behavior
  • Fixed snow not generating above y=256 (may break existing world preset by generating snow in unintended places!)
  • Allow vertical render distance up to 64 when OptiFine is installed
  • Fixed render distance above 32 when OptiFine is installed
  • Fixed vertical render distance slider rendering
  • Fixed Minecraft hanging when entities teleport in cubic chunks end
  • Implemented vertical view distance affecting chunk rendering
  • Removed debug logging for chunk saving to decrease noise in server logs
  • Fixed nether portal handling in cubic chunks world
  • Reverted vanilla nether portal handling when in a vanilla world
  • Fixed grass not growing beyond vanilla height range
  • Fixed mushrooms not working correctly beyond vanilla height range
  • Fixed lava not causing fire above y=256
  • Added internal fixes for handling player spawning and respawning
  • Fixed typos in configuration
  • Fixed finding spawnpoint


  • Fix being unable enable cubic chunks and change vertical view distance in GUI
  • Fix server sometimes hanging when teleporting to/from nether
  • Support for 3D biome storage
  • Fix Forge mod world generators not working in cubic chunks world in default world type
  • Partial implementation of using forge mod world generators in CustomCubic and other world types (do not use!)
  • Optimize population when there is nothing to do for CustomCubic (CWG)
  • Optimize part of light propagation
  • Make generated spawn area same size as vanilla (much faster spawnpoint generation and loading)
  • Improve world generator API, other API improvements (breaks compatibility with existing cubic chunks world generators)
  • Fix server hang in AI code when at very high Y position, also fixes incorrect AI behavior when near cliffs
  • Internal changes for ForgeEssentials compatibility
  • Update mixin library

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