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Filename CubicChunks-1.12.2-0.0.1184.0-SNAPSHOT-all.jar
Uploaded by barteks2x
Uploaded Jan 30, 2021
Game Version Forge
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  • • 1162 Implement chunk data load event, fixes compatibility with a few mods, including Thaumcraft
  • • 1163 Fix non-surface-tracked cubes not being added to surface tracker, fixes lighting in worlds manipulated by external tools
  • • 1165 Fix bedrock generation in vanilla compatibility worlds
  • • 1166 Fix chunks sometimes being very slow to send to clients
  • • 1167 Implement more reliable chunk saving. Should prevent chunk corruption even in case of unexpected shutdown
  • • 1168 Fix cubes not being sent to clients in certain corner cases with non-standard settings
  • • 1169-1175 Add async worldgen API
  • • 1182 Fix ice and fire mod worldgen hang/crash
  • • 1183 Compatibility with OptiFine G5
  • • 1184 Automatically detect cases where optimized compatibility generation fails with mods, and disable it. Should fix crashes with certain mods in their dimensions


  • • 1056 make world height limits configurable
  • • 1057 russian translation
  • • 1058 fix possible crashes when world height or depth > 2^30
  • • 1059 fix crashes if some less imporant fixes fail to apply
  • • 1060 fix broken world generation optimization for vanilla compatibility, should fix end generation
  • • 1061 fix crashes when placing stained glass caused by attempts at updating beacon color
  • • 1065 fix compatibility with realistictorches mod
  • • 1066 updates and fixes to chunk loading, should result in performance improvements
  • • 1067 fix internal chunk tracking state being out of sync with the rest of the game, fixes heightmap update tracking
  • • 1069 fix skylight not updating properly on Y border of a cube
  • • 1070 fix light update tracking, fixes skylight updates not being sent to client on world generation
  • • 1071 fix skylight updates when removing a block
  • • 1072 fix skylight propagation treating the edge of working area as light sources
  • • 1073 fix some skylight updates not being saved with the world
  • • 1074 fix cube edge light updates not being processed
  • • 1076 fix cube generation skipping certain light updates
  • • 1077 fix internal handling of decreasing light value for skylight
  • • 1078 optimize light propagation: avoid spreading into blocks that will have light updates done later
  • • 1079 remove old skylight initialization code as it's no longer necessary
  • • 1081 add option to redirect vanilla light spreading into cubic chunks tracker. Disabled by default
  • • 1082 fix cubic chunks light propagator not propagating into removed blocks
  • • 1083 optimized light level calculations
  • • 1095 add staging heightmap to fix some light updates being missing when a cube is unloaded before first light update
  • • 1097 redo skylight in old worlds on load
  • • 1098 skip edge relights if cube neighbors aren't loaded
  • • 1102 make worldgen watchdog timer timeout configurable
  • • 1105-1123,1127-1153 opt-in support for allowing vanilla clients to connect to cubic chunks servers, with special support for geyser proxy though ViaVersion on waterfall to avoid precision issues at high x/z coordinates
  • • 1154 sort cubes before sending them in an attempt to improve compression
  • • 1055 configurable amount of cubes sent mer tick
  • • 1056 option to specify max amount of time spent on chunk generation per tick
  • • 1058 small world tick optimizations
  • • 1059 limit amount of cubes sent per tick even when joining an area already loaded by another player


  • • Internal code fixes, no known differences for players
  • • Updated to mixin 0.8. THIS BREAKS COMPATIBILITY WITH VANILLA FIX AND SOME OTHER MODS. Add aa to the beginning of CubicChunks jar name if you experience issues with mods other than vanillafix.
  • • Optimized vanilla compatibility generator. Causes crashes with some mods. If you experience crashes, disable this option
  • • Fix entity ticking on the edge of loaded world
  • Fix data loss bug: Fixes an issue where sometimes changes in the world wouldn't be saved


  • • Workaround for crash when entering video settings when using VanillaFix, RandomPatches and OptiFine together with cubic chunks


  • • Added API to query cube force load status.
  • • Improved a chunk patch to account for other coremods modifying the code


  • • API: added cube capabilities


  • • Added worldgen hang detection for compatibility generator
  • • Added anilla compatibility generators registry - allows addons to create their of compatibility generators (for example HybridWorld)
  • • Fixed replacing wrong 0s in ChunkCache (causing issues with some mods)
  • • Added compatibility for special build of WorldEdit
  • • Fake world height to 256 during compatibility world generation for certain mods. Fixes hanging and crashing issue in IndustrialCraft2, Fossil mod, Recurrent Complex mod, JoshXmas mod, fixes some issues in thaumcraft.
  • • Provide chunk load events for zerocore, fixes compatibility with Big Reactors/Extreme Reactors
  • • Internal changes that might improve compatibility (removed access transformers)
  • • Added general server optimizations
  • • Added structure generation events to API
  • • Added chunkloader API for cubic chunks
  • • Fixed 3d biomes, added better 3d biomes support to API
  • • Added cube load, cube unload, cube data load and cube data save events to API
  • • Fixed crashes with OptiFine
  • • Added option to configure spawn area force-loaded chunks, set defaults to be the same as vanilla.
  • • Fixed memory leak in chunk management
  • • Fixed a crash with galacticraft
  • • Fixed random crash when quitting the world
  • • Fixed invisible entities bug
  • • Optimized chunk loading on Windows, improves server performance when loading chunks
  • • Fixed rare crash when a lot of gravel is generated
  • • Fixed very low FPS in the nether when Dynamic Surroundings mod is installed
  • • Fixed Advanced Rocketry compatibility (may fix compatibility with other mods too)
  • • Avoid rendering cubes before they are ready (may improve client performance in some cases)
  • • Fix server sometimes sending cubes for columns that have been already unloaded, causing seemingly corrupted chunks to appear clientside
  • • Fixed a bug in world generation causing certain world generation features to be unable to spawn at certain heights
  • • Fix coremod ModContainer - Forge no longer shows cubic chunks coremod as "disabled"


  • • Fixed potential unclosed file leak
  • • Updated Mixin to 0.7.10
  • • Fixed chunk leaks
  • ​ ​ ​• Fixed removing entries in XYZMap (caused all extra chunks up to the biggest size of XYZMap for that world to be kept in memory)
  • ​ ​ ​• Fixed chunk tracking corner case when moving very fast
  • • Use shared, global region file cache. Keeps less files open (could cause "too many open files" on some linux distributions)
  • • Improved performance when moving very fast
  • • Optimized async chunk loading
  • • Fixed sometimes unloading chunk that contains the player when moving very fast
  • • Fixed scheduled ticks not working as intended (fixes redstone behavior and liquids not flowing after reloading chunks)
  • • Added more options to force creating or loading cubic chunks worlds:
  • ​ • NONE - only cubic chunks world types will create cubic chunks worlds (default)
  • ​ • NEW_WORLD - when creating new world (equivalent to selecting "yes" for cubic chunks in world creation GUI)
  • ​ • LOAD_NOT_EXCLUDED - any world that isn't in excluded dimension list will be loaded as cubic chunks world. This will try to load vanilla worlds as cubic chunks (won't convert existing chunks!)
  • ​ • ALWAYS - load all worlds as cubic chunks worlds (except mod fake worlds)
  • • Removed debug items when debug option is enabled
  • • Save isCubicWorld flag with the world, to correctly handle excluded dimensions
  • • Fixed NullPointerException crash with some mods (crash when setting blocks in unloaded cube clientside)
  • • Added config option to control how biome temperature changes with height
  • • Fixed potential crash when setting blocks in empty cube
  • • Fixed falling blocks causing infinite loop when loading/generating world with no blocks below
  • • Compatibility with OptiFine E4 pre4
  • • Fixed crash when trying to load a tile entity with saved position not matching position of the cube it's saved in
  • • (experimental) NEID and partial JEID compatibility.
  • • More mod friendly way to detect creating cubic chunks world. Should work wit mods that replace world creation menu


  • • Better compatibility with OptiFine E2 on newer Forge versions and OptiFine E3
  • • Fixed never removing TileEntities clientside, causing small memory leaks, performance issues, and potentially crashes
  • • Fixed mob AI below y=0
  • • Optimized chunk ticking
  • • Faster and more correct entity spawning
  • • Partial support for Forge chunk loading API
  • ​ • ChickenChunks is not working due to it's internal implementation
  • • Fixed incorrectly handles scheduled ticks, causing broken redstone and liquid behavior
  • • Fixed snow not generating above y=256 (may break existing world preset by generating snow in unintended places!)
  • • Allow vertical render distance up to 64 when OptiFine is installed
  • • Fixed render distance above 32 when OptiFine is installed
  • • Fixed Minecraft hanging when entities teleport in cubic chunks end
  • • Implemented vertical view distance affecting chunk rendering
  • • Removed debug logging for chunk saving to decrease noise in server logs
  • • Fixed nether portal handling in cubic chunks world
  • • Reverted vanilla nether portal handling when in a vanilla world
  • • Fixed grass not growing beyond vanilla height range
  • • Fixed mushrooms not working correctly beyond vanilla height range
  • • Fixed lava not causing fire above y=256
  • • Added internal fixes for handling player spawning and respawning
  • • Fixed typos in configuration
  • • Fixed finding spawnpoint


  • • Fix server sometimes hanging when teleporting to/from nether
  • • Support for 3D biome storage
  • • Fix Forge mod world generators not working in cubic chunks world in default world type
  • • Partial implementation of using forge mod world generators in CustomCubic and other world types (do not use!)
  • • Optimize population when there is nothing to do for CustomCubic (CWG)
  • • Optimize part of light propagation
  • • Make generated spawn area same size as vanilla (much faster spawnpoint generation and loading)
  • • Improve world generator API, other API improvements (breaks compatibility with existing cubic chunks world generators)
  • • Fix server hang in AI code when at very high Y position, also fixes incorrect AI behavior when near cliffs
  • • Internal changes for ForgeEssentials compatibility
  • • Update mixin library

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