Nuclear Option

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Nobody wants to restart the server to deal with creeping lag issues.  Frankly, it's embarrassing.  But, well, some of us are in that situation.  And the only thing worse than embarrassment is inconvenience.  The inconvenience of having your players bug you to come restart the server.  The inconvenience for your players that sometimes you sleep or have a life.  It will still be inconvenient for your players to have to restart the minecraft server after abusing the poor thing combining flying pokemon with elytra, but at least you can go on sleeping while they do it.


Version 2.6 fixes a bug that can cause the server to leak democracy if people vote for nukes and then disconnect.  It also fixes a bug that prevented the welcome message from being shown.  (If you never wanted a welcome message, please update anyways, and just blank it out in the config file, because the other bugfix is important)


The functionality of nuclear option is very simple.  Players can type /nuke to toggle a nuke vote.  If at any time more than 50% of connected players are pro-nuke, an unstoppable 1 minute timer will activate to stop the server, with warnings to all players.  Notice I said stop... there is no way (let me know if I'm wrong) for a mod to safely restart the server.  If you want to use this, you need to put a while loop in your server launch script or some such thing.


The mod is serverside-only, for now.  Maybe clientside-optional in the future if I add sounds.


The code is also quite simple, if you are into scala or want examples of scala in forge.


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