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This mod was originally created for ModJam 5/2018.1, and requires Shadowfacts' Forgelin.

BitHop adds lightweight, low-lag hoppers. They can't pull items from inventories, pick up items up off the ground, insert into hopper carts, or be turned off with redstone. Why have them, then? Let me give a short explanation:


a summary of what hoppers and bithops do each tick.


BitHops are designed to be used as a close-to-vanilla solution for item transfer systems. You would still use a normal hopper at the beginning, but the rest of the chain doesn't have to worry about picking up items or drawing from chests, so they shouldn't eat up tick time doing it. BitHops are also cheaper to make than vanilla hoppers:

BitHop recipe.


Also added is the FluxHop, a hopper that can't pick up items from the ground but can instead transmit both RF and items. It can transfer 200 RF/t by default, with the value being configurable.

FluxHop recipe.


The ScrewHop allows items to be sent upwards, but at an angle, moving them one block upwards and one block forwards.

ScrewHop recipe.


Lastly, the PullHop pulls items from above and pushes them forward, but doesn't interact with entities, skipping the processor-intensive entity checks.

PullHop recipe.


Overall, BitHops are absolutely the better choice for doing long item transit on servers where tick lag is something to worry about. More will be added in the future, including;

  • sideways hoppers
  • hoppers with built-in filtering
  • customizable hoppers