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Minecraft mod that adds a block and an item to prevent configured entity spawns.



entityBlockList Entries here, in the form of modid:entityname, will be prevented from spawning if within range of the No Soliciting Sign or a Totem of Unexchange. The Wandering Trader and the Plague Doctor from the Rats mod (sorry alex) are in the list by default.

radius The effective range of the No Soliciting Sign, measured in chunks. If a configured entity attempts to spawn within radius range of a sign, the spawn will be prevented. Default 8.

disableSpawns true to disable all spawn of configured entities. Default false.

No Soliciting Sign

Block that prevents configured entity spawns within a configurable distance (in chunks) of the block.


The current recipe follows that of a normal sign, except you need to put green dye in the bottom left corner and red dye in the bottom right corner of the crafting grid. You get 3 signs from the craft.

Sign Recipe

Totem of Unexchange

Item that, when in a Baubles slot, Curios slot, or anywhere in your inventory, will prevent configured entity spawns around the player. The distance is the same used for the No Soliciting Sign.


Totem Recipe


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