Glow Inc.

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Glow Inc.

Glow Inc. is all about giving more uses to the glow ink sacs products by glow squids, along with providing other ink-related fun.


Glow Ball


When right-clicked, the glow ball can be thrown to create a luminescent splat across a full surface it hits.

The projectile ignores water and the splat it leaves behind is much brighter in water, making it a great underwater exploration tool.

In addition, when the ball hits a living entity, it will add the Glowing effect to them.


The default recipe for the Glow Ball returns 8 of them and requires two Glow Ink sacs in shapeless crafting:

Crafting Recipe for Glow Ball


glowSplatPersistent Set this option to true to make the Glow Ball splat never expire.

  • Default: false

glowSplatMinutes The number of minutes the Glow Ball splat will survive before disappearing.

  • Default: 20 minutes
  • Range: 1 - 120 minutes

Pure Glow Bottle

Ingredients: Brewing recipe with Glow Ink Sac and Water Bottles

Crafting Recipe for Pure Glow Bottle


The Pure Glow Bottle can then be crafted into a single Glowstone Dust.

Future Plans

More ink-related shenanigans, of course, including Glow Ink Fluid and an Ink Gun.- - - -


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