No More Achievements

272,987 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Just drag and drop this into your mod fold, it does what its named for. It Hides your achievements from view.

The achievements still exist, but you will no longer see the popups or chat notifications.


It can also remove the buttons from Minecraft in-game menu This is configurable from your config files. "nma.cfg"


This mod was custom mad for a modpack.  It could be used in conjunction with Better Questing mod to create your own list of achievements inside/handled  of/by Better Questing. 




You may:

  • Use the mod for personal/private use
  • Include this mod within your own pack as long as due credit is given

You may NOT:

  • Re-upload the mod on another site without permission


Support me and this mod, and it will help me continue to develop. Support @





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