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This mod removes the "Allow Cheats" button from the "Open to LAN" menu to disallow players from using cheats when opening their world to LAN. This can be useful if a player doesn't want to have an easy option to turn on cheats in their world.
This mod is client side only, it does nothing when installed on a server.

No LAN Cheating also supports the LAN World Plug-n-Play mod, editing its screen to remove the relevant cheat buttons.



There are two configuration options:


removeButtonInOpenToLANScreen - Removes the "Allow Cheats" button in the "Open to LAN" screen. (The button is removed by default)
removeButtonInCreateNewWorldScreen - Removes the "Allow Cheats" button in the "Create New World" screen. (The button is shown by default)



As of Minecraft 1.19.3, the Open to LAN screen looks a bit different. This does not change how the mod interacts with the screen, the Allow Cheats button is the one being removed.


With the mod installed:

Without the mod installed:



You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.


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