No Debug 5 You

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I'm sure everyone who has played a large modpack has had to pop open the F3 screen once and got met with a massive wall of text on either side. Frame times, debugging, particle counts, and a bunch of distracting information that's covering the screen, and that frankly, you don't really care about.

 The solution - No Debug 5 You allows you to prevent mods from rendering text on the F3 screen!


How do I use it?

No Debug 5 You attempts to provide an out-of-the-box experience. The default options catch most of the common mods. Just install and go.

ND5U is also a client side only mod. You do not need to install this mod on the server to use it. It will work on multiplayer servers.

 If there is still extra debug information left over that ND5U didn't catch, enable dump mode in the config, and watch your game logs for information about what classes are adding F3 info. Copy their names into the config file. Or, just turn on ALL mode to nuke all modded F3 debug rendering.


How does it work?

ND5U scans the list of subscribers of the event "RenderGameOverlayEvent.Text" and removes them. It scans once on game startup, and again on login (because some mods subscribe a little late)


Smh dude, why not just ask modders for a config option instead of making this?



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