Never Break

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Never Break

Have you ever been in the middle of mining when suddenly your favourite enchanted diamond pickaxe has broken?
Have you ever been farming with your infamous diamond hoe and magically PUFF, it's gone into thin air?
Well, Never Break adds this sweet enchantment which you can add to your tools and armour which means that they will never break!!
Once the item has ran out of durability, the tool or armour becomes unusable until repaired once more so it's great to apply mending as well.

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  • Adds the Persistence enchantment which can be applied to tools and armour


How does it work?

When your tool runs out of durability, if the Persistence enchantment is present, the tool will simply stop working (i.e. a broken pickaxe will no longer be able to mine blocks, a hoe can't till blocks, a flint and steel won't place fire etc.)

On armour pieces that have the Persistence enchantment, when they run out of durability, the armour is simply ignored when performing the damage calculations meaning that all of the enchantments that the armour yields is disabled.


Can I use this in my modpack?

Of Course!


Have an issue?

Just let me know using the issues tab!



Any feedback is welcome, just be sure to post an issue on the issues page!


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